Tanglewood Roadster Mini

Tanglewood Roadster Mini

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anglewood TWR2 PE Roadster II Parlour Electro, Natural Satin Overview

Want to play a pearl? The Tanglewood TWR2-PE Roadster II Parlour Electro is one beautiful guitar. Being a parlour, its smaller body size is ideal if you want the utmost comfort when you?re playing. It fits snugly in your arms, and has a scintillating sound which you simply cant create with other body shapes. When you strum and pluck the strings, it'll sing with a pristine, well rounded voice, filling the air with beautiful music.


Despite its smaller size, it can still be loud. Very loud. The quality preamp system inside offers the ability to plug into an amp and play your songs to the world. Combined with the beautiful, smooth neck and pristine playability, you'll find that this guitar is one powerful performer.

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