Blackstar FS-10 Foot Controller

Blackstar FS-10 Foot Controller

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Designed to work with the Blackstar ID:Series range of guitar amps only.

The FS-10 is a multi-function foot controller. It allows access to all 128 patches plus the tuner function. It operates in three modes:

Patch Mode

This mode allows you to switch between the three banks of four patches accessible on the front panel of the amp. Plus access to the tuner function and the ability to change to the other modes.

Effects mode

This offers individual switching of the effects within a patch, operating more like traditional effects pedals. In this mode the fourth switch is used to control the tap time function. 8.

Navigation mode

Enables access to the complete set of 128 patches stored on the amp. These can be stepped through one at a time, or in banks. Whilst in this mode you can also store patches.