Casio PX S1100 Digital Piano, Black ( With Casio Stand Package )

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Full Description

An authentic grand experience

Casio's unique Multi-Dimensional Morphing Acoustic & Intelligent Resonator (AiR) Sound Source perfectly recreates the rich sound and vivid resonance of a real grand piano. Through the painstaking modelling of the sympathetic resonances of every individual string, the PX S1100 brings you an incredibly authentic playing experience. The AiR Sound Source also uses lossless audio compression, which perfectly preserves the original sound upon playback, and allows for many compressed waveform variations - resulting in an incredibly realistic, expressive piano experience.




All 88 keys of the PX S1100 have a luxurious, comfortable feel, with a fine-grained finish providing a tactile response. For a truly authentic experience, the hammer weighting exactly matches that of a grand piano, and digital scaling simulates the way in which every key has a subtly different touch and weight. When playing repeated notes, each note has a distinct voicing, which allows you to carefully control how a note starts to ring and to dampen it again with the same note. With such detailed control and expression, you'll forget that this is a digital piano.

Powerful speakers for nuanced performances

Two large speakers project the sound of your performances with incredible fidelity. The updated speakers have had Mica - a reinforcing material that is used in many high-end audio products - incorporated into their diaphragms. This allows for richer, cleaner projection of high frequencies, and a more defined, dynamic low end. Two 8W amplifiers give the PX S1100 some serious punch at high volumes, perfectly capturing and reproducing every detail and nuance of your playing. The capabilities of these speakers are ideally matched to the expressive needs and dynamic range of a grand piano, for a flawless experience.

Wireless connectivity for unrestrained control

With the included WU-BT10 wireless adaptor, you can connect your phone, tablet, or any Bluetooth Audio device to the incredible speaker system of the PX S1100 - and enable the Surround feature to completely fill the room with your music. You can simultaneously play the PX S1100 whilst using it as a speaker, allowing you to practice and play along live to music of your choosing.




Using the free Chordana Play for Piano app, you can wirelessly control the PX S1100 with your phone or tablet. Through this, you can adjust the tone, touch response, and metronome - and even fine tune instrument settings such as tuning frequency (Hz) and temperament type. The Chordana app is an excellent learning resource - featuring a play-along piano roll mode which visually displays upcoming notes and keeps track of your playing through wireless MIDI data. With settings for tempo adjustment, AB repeat features, and an in-built scoring system, this is a great way to make learning new pieces on the piano accessible and fun.




With the PDF score viewer, Chordana Play for Piano can display the sheet music of 60 songs in the included Music Library. You can also use it to view imported PDFs. Connecting your phone or tablet to the PX S1100 allows you to turn pages in the PDF reader using the keyboard's foot pedal, giving you a seamless playing experience, which is sure to improve your fluency.

Uniquely sleek design

The PX S1100 is the world's slimmest 88-key hammer action digital piano. It has a depth of only 232mm, and its minimalist design has been crafted to match a range of room sizes and interiors. With an elegant, mirror-like top panel, sleek touch controls, and a stylish one-tone colour design, the PX S1100 certainly makes a statement. Casio's unique high-density technology - consisting of a carefully miniaturised hammer action mechanism, a vertically mounted circuit-board, and oval-shaped low-profile speakers - makes it possible to have a digital piano of this size with no compromise on quality.




This compact size, combined with the PX S1100's incredibly lightweight (11.2kg), makes this a highly portable digital piano. Include the fact that you can run this piano on batteries - with a continuous battery life of up to four hours - and you have a digital piano that you can take anywhere.



  • Number of keys: 88
  • Key action: Smart scaled hammer action
  • Touch response: Five sensitivity levels, off
  • 88-key digital scaling: Yes
  • Hammer response: Yes
  • Key off response: Yes


  • Polyphony (maximum): 192
  • Number of built-in tones: 18
  • Sound source: Multi-dimensional morphing AiR
  • Layer: Yes
  • Split: Yes

Acoustic simulator

  • String resonance: Yes (four types, off)
  • Damper resonance: Yes (four types, off)
  • Key action noise: Yes (four types, off)
  • Damper noise: Yes (four types, off)

Digital effects

  • Sound mode hall simulator / Reverb: Hall Simulator 4
  • Sound mode surround: Two
  • Chorus: Four
  • Brilliance: Yes
  • DSP: Yes (pre-set for some tones)


  • Music library: 60
  • Lesson function: Part ON/OFF
  • Lesson function part select: Right hand, left hand
  • Demo songs: One
  • Song expansion (user songs): 10

Additional features

  • Connection to app: Chordana Play for Piano ver. 2.4
  • Bluetooth: Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor (WU-BT10) included
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Bluetooth audio profile: A2DP
  • Bluetooth codec: SBC
  • Bluetooth MIDI profile: GATT (MIDI over Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • MIDI recorder / playback: Two tracks (one system track + one track), one song
  • MIDI recorder / playback data capacity: Approximately 10,000 notes
  • Audio recorder / playback: Max. 99 songs, approximately 25 min/song
  • Duet mode: Yes
  • Octave shift: -2 octaves to 0 to +2 octaves
  • Metronome: 0 to 9 beats
  • Metronome tempo range: 20 to 255
  • Pedals: Included: SP-3, Optional 3-pedal unit: SP-34 (damper, soft, sostenuto)
  • Pedals half-damper pedal: Yes (optional 3-pedal unit)
  • Key transpose: -12 semitones to 0 to +12 semitones
  • Tuning control: A4 = 415.5Hz to 440Hz to 465.9Hz
  • Scale tuning (temperament): Equal temperament + 16 variations
  • Operation lock: Yes
  • Touch button: Six (tone select button: One)
  • Auto power off: Yes

Connectivity and storage

  • MIDI: Yes
  • PHONES / OUTPUT: PHONES: 2 (Stereo mini jack)
  • Pedals: One (damper)
  • Connector for 3-pedal unit: Yes (SP-34)
  • LINE OUT: Two L/MONO, R (Standard jack)
  • USB type A: Yes (wireless MIDI & audio adaptor)
  • USB type B: Yes

Speaker and amplifiers

  • Speakers size: [16cm x 8cm (oval)] x 2
  • Speakers speaker system: Two-speaker
  • Amplifiers: 8W + 8W

Power supply

  • AC adaptor: AD-A12150LW
  • Battery drive: AA-size batteries x6
  • Continuous battery life: Approximately four hours


  • Dimensions: 1,322mm x 232mm x 102mm
  • Weight: 11.2kg

Included accessories

  • Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor (WU-BT10)
  • Pedal (SP-3)
  • Music Stand
  • AC Adaptor (AD-A12150LW)