Blackstar Dept 10 Valve-Powered Dual Drive Pedal

Blackstar Dept 10 Valve-Powered Dual Drive Pedal

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Product Description

Blackstar labels its Dept. 10 stompboxes as "the world’s most advanced valve pedals", by combining traditional high-voltage design with their latest technology. A bold claim indeed, but when you hear one of these in action — it's hard to disagree! All equipped with an ECC83 (12AX7) preamp tube, these incredible units deliver the organic dynamics, tone and break-up of a real valve amp from a compact chassis that integrates easily into any setup.

Dual Drive — Flexible, High-Octane Gain!

The Dual Drive is capable of covering all of your overdrive and distortion needs. But it's not just a versatile gain pedal, it's also a world-class valve recording preamp that can act as the tonal centrepiece for your pedalboard! With 2 footswitchable channels and 3 crunch/overdrive voices alongside a crystal-clear clean mode, there's also Blackstar's patented ISF tone-shaping control, a 3-band EQ, low-latency USB & XLR outputs and Dept. 10’s proprietary 'Cab Rig' simulator technology. It does a lot!

Key Features

  • Driven by an ECC83 triode valve running at more than 200V internally; allowing the pedal to provide organic tone, huge dynamics and exquisite break-up.
  • Versatile 2-channel design, with 2 voices per channel. Channel 1: Clean & Crunch 1, Channel 2: Crunch 2 & Overdrive.
  • Blackstar's patented ISF control allows you to shape the overall tone for a more British or American character, working in conjunction with the 3-band EQ.
  • Effects loop for easy integration with your existing pedalboard rig. Perfect for routing your time-based and modulation stompboxes through.
  • Equipped with Blackstar's 'Cab Rig' technology, their next-generation DSP speaker simulator that reproduces the sound and feel of a mic’d guitar cab in incredible detail. Deep-dive using the accompanying free 'Architect' software and capture the tones via the USB/XLR outputs or headphones.
  • Pro connectivity and integration into your setup using low-latency USB audio as a valve interface for recording, and XLR D.I. for live use.
  • Compact design, running at 9V for compatibility with most pedal power supplies with a 500mA output. Dedicated PSU is included with the pedal for standalone use.