Kinsman KAA25 Acoustic Amp

Kinsman KAA25 Acoustic Amp

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The Kinsman KAA25 is a delightfully-affordable acoustic guitar amplifier, packed full of features that'll suit "grab n' go" buskers and eager beginners.

Boasting a single 6" speaker installed in a classy wooden enclosure, the Kinsman KAA25 also sports a flexible 3-band EQ that allows you to sculpt the perfect acoustic sounds. Other key features include built-in chorus and reverb effects, as well as a separate microphone input and an AUX MP3 input for jamming along to your favourite tunes!

Dual-Channel Design

A 2-channel acoustic amplifier at this price is practically unheard of, which is why the Kinsman KAA25 presents such incredible bang-for-the-buck. Offering a main instrument input for your acoustic guitar, the additional XLR input on the rear of the amp's chassis enables you to connect a microphone too.

If you're an aspiring singer-songwriter, these dual inputs allow you to amplify both your acoustic and your voice simultaneously. And with separate volume controls for each input, you can easily balance the two for an even-sounding mix.

Built-In Effects

Effects are often built into high-end acoustic amps, but never affordable ones. The Kinsman KAA25 is a rare exception, and comes equipped with both warbly chorus and ambient reverb sounds that can really embellish your tones.

With level controls for each, these effects also have setting switches that can alter their character. The chorus switch varies the amount of modulation speed, while the reverb switch flicks between 'Room' and 'Hall' sounds.

Battery Power 

An included 12V adaptor makes powering the Kinsman KAA25 acoustic amp incredibly easy at home. But if you're keen to get out there and busk, the amplifier can be operated with 8 AA batteries. It's ready to go no matter what the scenario!


  • MIC/VOL – Control the microphone volume
  • INPUT – 1/4” jack for instrument input
  • MIC INPUT – XLR connection for microphones
  • AUX MP3 – Connect digital device such as MP3 player/phone/tablet
  • VOL – Control the guitar volume
  • LOW – Bass frequency level control
  • MID – Middle frequency level control
  • HIGH – Treble frequency level control
  • CHORUS – Chorus control with two speed settings
  • REVERB – Reverb control with two space settings (Room and Hall)